Cool Shell Prompts

Lots of people like customozing their Terminal’s shell prompt. Thought I’d start a thread for y’all to showcase yours.

I’d show mine but I can’t. It’s boring as hell.

It’s literally just PowerShell. Not even the latest version. Probably because I really hate it and prefer bash or fish but this is Windows.

Sure why not.


Also check out Starship which does support PowerShell.

Oh I know it already does, but that’s not the issue :slight_smile: The issue is that I don’t support PowerShell, I’m sure there’s a future blog article that’ll explain why. But no amount of themeing will ever make it good.

Fair enough aaaaaaa Discourse character minimum

I really love the fish default! cutting down to the first letter of the working directory rocks.

Hey y’all! I’ve just documented the game’s support for custom shell prompts. Possibly will rename this thread since it’s linked in the manual page.

Even though the game’s not out yet, there should be enough info for you to make custom shell prompts already and try them in-game when the game’s publically playable.