Migration to Discourse

Love it or hate it, we’re now using Discourse to power the Socially Distant forum. I made this decision for several reasons:

  1. Security: The old forum software was ancient. It worked, but requires lots of extra configuration and extensions to be safe and secure from hacking attempts.

  2. Accessibility: Discourse is more accessible to the blind, including myself.

  3. Mobile UX: Let’s face it, we have phones that for some reason can browse the Internet. It does need to work on them.

  4. Better community features: I won’t sell you on them, but suffice to say it’s a lot easier for me to make the forum work best for us. This includes things like being able to log in with Steam or Discord, and potentially even having Patreon integration for the wonderful folks who support me and the development of the game.

What this means for you

Since the old forum was virtually empty minus posts made by me, I didn’t migrate the database. This means that, if you did have an account before, you need to make a new one now.

Other than that, nothing changes.